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The Seattle Pipe Club truly thanks these generous & talented donors for our annual auction.  We would not be half the club without friends like these.   Please support them and tell them the SPC sent you. 
Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to donate an something to our Annual Dinner or Slow Smoke contest. Cash Donations are also accepted
C. Asteriou Pipes
Chris Asteriou Pipes
 smokin' holsters
Smokin' Holsters
Windjammer Arts
(George Bieda)
J. Alan Pipes
J. Alan Pipes
J&J Artisan Pipes
J&J Artisan Pipes
Amorelli Pipes
Amorelli Pipes

G Batson Pipes

Grant Batson Pipes

Wolfgang Becker
Wolfgang Becker
The Pipe Stud
Steve Fallon, The Pipe Stud
Pimo Pipecraft
Pimo Pipemaking Supplies
Gamboni Pipes
 Gamboni Pipes
 Kramers Pipe & Tobacco Shop
Kramers Pipe & Tobacco Shop
G Batson Pipes
Grant Batson Pipes
Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil

The Pipe Tart

Sally Gottliebson, The Pipe Tart
Layton Pipes
Clark Layton Pipes
 Steve Liskey
Steve Liskey Pipes
Tatu Pipes
Tatu Pipes
 Missouri Meershaum Pipes
Missouri Meerschaum pipes
 Sutliff Tobacco
Sutliff Tobacco Company
McCranie's Pipe & Tobacco
 Laudis Enterpises
 Two Friends Pipes
Two Friends Pipes
Ming-Kahuna Pipe Accessories
Ming-Kahuna Pipe Accessories
 We would also like to thank the following individuals for donating to our auction.
Robert Amundson, Pipemaker
Dan Coomer (Kansas City Pipe Club)
Pat Dennis
Al Ford
Mark Garin
Matt Guss
Bob Hall
Jason McDonald
Larry Raisch
Ben Rapaport
Cindy Schell
Vernon Vig (New York Pipe Club)
Jim Westmoreland
Tom & Lennea Wolfe


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Bonfiglioli Pipes

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