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2018 SPC Slow Smoke

Published on 12/14/2018

Craig Watness wins the SPC Slow Smoke contest for the 7th time. 

Here is what other participants had to say about the contest.  ...

Wancheng Ding

I am the winner of the 1,000 matches but I still enjoy the whole process!

As you know, I am a new pipe smoker. By the time of the competition, I only have 2 baby months of pipe smoking experience! Anyhow, my goal for the competition is to learn from all the candidates how to master the pipe smoking skill AND trying not to be 1st out. 

I would say I have partially achieved my goal at the competition. I did pick up many tricks from the competition. some of them are very helpful. However, I spent too much energy observing what others were doing, but failed to focus on my own pipe! Plus, I am a little nervous during the competition. Lesson learned is to focus on my own pipe and calm down!

Anyway, I think I can do better next year!

Richard Coley

I really didn't know what to expect. I had a great time and can't wait for next year. I am still learning much about pipe smoking so I was following all I read about the smoke. I am now just focusing on the enjoyment of the hobby. Learning about the tobaccos I like and the techniques of a long enjoyable smoke. 

Adam Wittnam

This was my first slow smoke competition.  It’s actually the reason why I joined the SPC.  I tried smoking a pipe years ago but didn’t have any luck and I wanted to get back into it and thought, “hey, get online and see if there are any pipe clubs around.”  Which is how I found the SPC.  I saw a write up for the previous years winner (Craig, of course) and I thought.  Okay, if goofing around and competing to see who can smoke the longest is what these guys do for fun, I’m in!

And 11 months later.  I finished 2nd to Craig!  The only prep work I did was reading a “helpful tips” article online.  The main thing I really tried to do was REALLY prep the tobacco and try to dry it out as much as possible during the allotted prep time.  After lighting up some of the chatter around me died down....for a bit.  Then a bit of idle chatter started as people started going out.  As people started dropping out I kept an eye on Craig.  I saw he was methodically puffing and staring off into space.  He was puffing to win.  I didn’t really start to monitor my smoking until I found out I was in the top-10.  Then I started “trying to be more measured.”  

I had a fantastic time.  Losing to Craig was an honor.  It’s cool having my name on the trophy under his.  But I smell a rematch in 2019!

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