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SPC Goes Virtual

Tom Wolfe | Published on 11/9/2020

SPC Goes Virtual

Virtual SPC Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the pipe-smoking communities around the world. To cope with this, the Seattle Pipe Club has been holding our meetings online, using Zoom.

When the outbreak started in the USA, back in March, it was the Seattle area that got hit first and hardest. Not wanting to spread the disease to our fellow members, we decided to cancel our April meeting.  We didn't want to just give up, and so webmaster Tom Wolfe (yours truly) stepped up and set up our first meeting on April 22nd.    

Once a month, the club meets without actually gathering together.  Instead, we get to sit, each in our own homes, and chat with each other without spreading disease and pestilence.  It has been great to see members that have moved away from the area, but still get to be active in the club via these Zoom meetings.  It has given some members a chance to visit that have never attended a SPC meeting in person.  We've enjoyed it so much that we plan to keep the Zoom meetings each month even after we resume our regular meetings at Smokey Joe's.

In order to join our merry crew for these virtual events, you should go ahead and download the Zoom client app on your smartphone, pc, tablet, or laptop. As long as it has a microphone and camera, you can join us. You can also simply join the crowd with using your landline by dialing in.

Tips for using Zoom

  • You can join via computer, tablet or smartphone. There is even a number that you can use to dial in from a landline.
  • You can join or leave the meeting at any time.
  • When entering the meeting, your microphone will be active by default. There is a mute/unmute switch on the toolbar.
  • Proper etiquette is to mute yourself when not talking. Background noises can interfere with the meeting.
  • You can disable your video at any time using the "stop video" icon on the bottom of your window.
  • There are two modes of screen viewing.Gallerymode shows all of the members.Speakermode switches the view to whoever is speaking at the time.
  • If your computer doesn't have a camera, you can still use it to view the meeting. You can then dial-in via your landline to participate.
  • Zoom is now using a "waiting room" when you first show up. After a few moments, the host will grant you access to the meeting. Please be patient.